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Find out how much time and money you will save by using a digital patient check-in system

Our expertise within ambulatory environments means we recognize your practice's pain points. Eliminate the burden of redundant data entry for receptionists and medical staff alike. Save patient and provider time so they can focus on each other. Meet MIPS measures and let's focus on medicine once more.

How can we do this?

  1. Provide our patients with options to engage with you outside the practice.
  2. Give care providers options for documentation to be more productive.
  3. Use GWN and MIST technology to integrate it all right into your EHR.
  4. From planning, configuration, and development to training and go-live through to support, we'll be by your side.
patient registration

Offer your patients convenience with online check-in prior to their visit, or in-office check-in on an iPad. Push consent forms and other documentation for signature directly to the iPad.

mist fusion

Deliver information directly into the EHR - you choose what enters the chart. Save time using screeners like PHQ-2 & 9, ROS Data Entry, SBIRT, and more!

patient engagement

Automate daily check ins with your patients a bill for remote patient monitoring. Master Patient Education by providing reading material geared towards each individual

Did You Know?

Mel (Senior Project Manager) was a competition typist prior to becoming a software implementation expert.