Ambient Clinical Intelligence

Get ready for the Clinical Documentation That Writes Itself™. Partnering with Microsoft, Nuance unveiled the exam room of the future! Ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) securely listens to clinician‑patient conversations and complements the EHR by surrounding the encounter with assisted workflows, task and knowledge automation. By doing so, it promotes a better patient experience and automatically documents patient care—all without taking the physician's attention off of the patient.


Dragon® Medical

With 3-options to choose from, you can deploy the right solution for your practice or health system that aligns with your clinical workflow and supports your technical infrastructure.

By leveraging your technical environment & clinical needs, your providers will realize optimal use of speech to augment EHR workflow and improve efficiency and physician satisfaction.

Cloud-Based or On-Premise?

Capture your provider’s narrative locally or leverage the power of the cloud? Dragon® Medical has an option that works—and all of them offer fast, accurate, and responsive speech recognition with end-to-end security.

Dragon® Medical one

Supports practices of all sizes, aligns with browser-based EHR and supports local and server EHR deployment strategies.

PowerMic Mobile

Minimize carrying around extra hardware and use your phone as a microphone. A very convenient option when dictating at home or from an outside location. Compatible with Dragon Medical One.


Ideal for single location, small clinics (up to 24 docs) with dedicated workstations. Functionality works best when the EHR is installed locally on each workstation.

Did You Know?

MIST has over 1300 clients in Canada, Guam and in ALL 50-states!