NextGen Healthcare

Our experience with NextGen began in the mid-90’s, as a client. We have been in your shoes! The need for expertise and guidance is necessary for long-term success in any system. MIST offers exceptional knowledge and expertise within the breadth of NextGen ambulatory solutions. We augment in-house knowledge as an extension of you! Service Highlights: Template/Document Development, SQL, Crystal Reports, Dragon and MIPS Consulting.

Our NextGen partner recognizes the value of our expertise as well, selecting MIST as the exclusive partner for Dragon Medical implementation and training.

MIST Innovation Library

Inventory Management

Track all office supplies based on NextGen orders placed and receive alerts once PAR level has been reached. Know exactly where your inventory is and minimize profit loss.


Category II BCPT Billing Rules Engine​

Track all office supplies based on NextGen orders placed and receive alerts on PAR level has been reached. Know exactly where your inventory is and minimize profit loss.


MIST Order Sets

One stop shop for all NextGen orders. Search, place order, send and print any and all orders from one button on one template. Now Radiology Appropriate Use criteria Ready! Saves 41% of your normal documentation time.​


Surgery Order Sets

Save all of your favorites when you book your procedures. From selecting your assistant, to preferred anesthetic and needles. We’ve got the functionality you need to expedite ordering.


Accelerated SOAP​

Pleasing providers everywhere! By combining the MIST Scribe Template with the MIST Order Sets Panel, you’ll be done charting in no time.​



Office Manager Dashboard​

Visualize and prioritize all the tasks in your practice from a single location. Reassign, delegate, and complete tasks and observe un-billed encounters and incomplete documentation.​

Scribe Template​

Quickly navigate through visit documentation on a SOAP styled-template that allows for input flexibility – all while still leveraging templated data.​


Referral Management Center​

Manage Referrals and Orders from our Referral Management Center Template. Easily “close the loop” from a single location.

Innovative NextGen Development​

Providers will save an average of 30+ clicks on every patient encounter. Streamline workflow, increase efficiency & improve your EHR adoption. Our Innovation Library helps make NextGen user friendly.​

Actionable Data

Your database offers a wealth of information. Meet practice initiatives by pulling data and meaningful analytics from your EHR in an easy to understand format!​

Faster & More Efficient​

Let your ideas come to life through our experienced development team. This group of wicked smart individuals have the clinical experience and know-how to improve your clinical workflow.​

NextGen Enterprise Speech Solutions

Speech-To-Text Programs; EHR Navigation; Dragon Medical and More! Not sure which program is right for you?
Speak with one of our consultants today! *Each package includes a minimum 3 hours training/implementation.


$99/mo plus one-time services

  •  1, 2, or 3-year contract lengths
  • PMM included at no extra charge
  • Payment option is Credit Card or ACH Transaction Only
  • No subscription pause/cancel

Nuance DMO

$99/mo plus one-time services

  • 3, 4, or 5-year contract length
  • Pay by monthly invoice/check
  • No subscription pause/cancel


$99/mo plus one-time services

  • Month-to-month contract after initial 6-month commitment

  • Pay by Credit Card, ACH Transaction, or invoice/check

  • Subscription pause/cancellation allowed (30-day written notice after initial 6-mth term)

  • Includes EHR Navigation for NextGen, athena, or Greenway (Don’t see your EHR listed? Ask us!)!

Did You Know?

Elsa (Inside Sales Representative) is an avid golfer and played collegiately before her career at MIST.