Speech Solutions

Speech Solutions

Embedded Speech and EHR Navigation


It’s now possible to have the same voice-driven experience you’ve come to rely on every day with Dragon Medical through Clinically Speaking’s CSpeak desktop and mobile solutions (MIST Advantage). A secure connection to the Nuance Healthcare cloud manages user profiles, provides automatic updates, and gives clinicians a voice by allowing speech-to-text entry of clinical documentation anytime, and from anywhere.

CSpeak allows voice recognition as well as targeted EHR navigation and workflow commands. CSpeak provides traditional Dragon Text and Graphics commands (now known as Auto-Text) available in all applications.

CSpeak allows clinicians to capture the complete patient story with their voice while allowing healthcare organizations to rapidly and easily deploy speech recognition across the enterprise at more locations, and to more devices, at a managed cost.

If you are new to Dragon, you will experience voice recognition capability allowing you to minimize or eliminate the need for typing. If you are an existing Dragon Medical user, you will see excellent recognition accuracy, continued ability to use custom words, and the same Text and Command macros you use today. Continued use of the full Dragon Medical software will communicate with CSpeak so that additions and changes made to your CSpeak voice migrate to your Dragon voice file. This is all accomplished while removing the requirement to install the Dragon software locally. Recognition takes place on the Nuance cloud servers, so local network and voice file traffic is reduced to a fraction of its former volume.

Whether this is in addition to your current Dragon Medical client software or a new installation, CSpeak (MIST Advantage) will provide the capability required to remove the need for transcription while providing ease of use.

3-5x Faster than Typing

Most physicians speak over 120 wpm, but type less than 40 wpm. Speech recognition lets you document in less time while on the go.

Robust Medical Vocabulary

Cloud-based speech means you’ll always have access to the latest medical dictionary, terms, phrases and clinical formatting rules. Organizations and individual users can also customize their personal medical vocabularies.

Visualization and Feedback

Visual indicators tell you were speech is enabled, when audio is being captured and displays audio recording levels to ensure a seamless experience.

Speech at Your Own Pace​

Speak naturally without having to wait for recognized text to appear on screen or navigation commands to be recognized using SpeakAhead™ technology.

Voice Navigation and Commands

Navigate using your voice and control audio capture and text corrections using familiar gestures on mobile devices.

HIPAA-Compliant Speech Recognition​

Speech-related data is communicated over 256-bit encryption channels to ensure end-to-end security.

Shared Speech Profiles

Individual user speech profiles, including custom vocabularies and templates, are sharable across mobile, web, and desktop applications powered by Nuance Healthcare.

NOTE: Shared profiles like versioning and that all applications connect to the same organization in the cloud NMS.

Support for Multiple Microphone Options​

CSpeak allows you to use a variety of input devices. Microphone options range from the Nuance PowerMic and PowerMic Mobile, to a USB headset and various handheld devices.

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